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The California Legislative Black Staff Association (CLBSA) is a nonprofit, 501(c)(3) organization formed in 2022 as the juncture between the California Capitol Black Staff Association and the Black Legislative and Capitol Association. We are committed to creating a safe space for the Black Capital community to work, share, network, and elevate each other. With members from all sectors of California politics, CLBSA takes an inclusive and intersectional approach to address the daily challenges of our community.

Our Mission

Our Mission Statement

  • Recruit, retain, and mentor California State Capitol and broader California State Government employees, who identify as Black,

  • Create a social network of support for those Black employees,

  • Ensure equal employment opportunities for those Black employees,

  • Offer professional development training and opportunities for those Black employees,

  • Educate non-Black California State Capitol and broader California State Government employees on issues affecting or related to the Black Capitol community.


Our Values

Democracy & Transparency

All activities of the Association will be as transparent as possible to ensure accountability to members. We believe in democracy and will actively seek input and consensus from Black staff in planning and decision-making, while nurturing leadership and succession opportunities, including annual elections, among our membership.

Equity & Justice


The Association values equity and justice in all we do. Financial limitations will not prevent someone from being a member. All business of the association will adhere to a code of conduct and nondiscrimination provision developed by the board and ratified by the Association membership.




Although the focus of the Association is primarily Black professionals, in, around, and beyond the Capitol, the association is not exclusive to Black persons or those in state government. The Association welcomes all individuals to become members and offer support.

We Need Your Support Today!

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