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Statement on the Recent Shootings in Monterey Park, Half Moon Bay, and Oakland the Weekend of 1/21

Over the weekend*, our state saw 3 deadly mass shootings that took the lives of 19 people with 17 more people injured. We are enraged and devastated by this weekend’s events, yet another example of senseless and hateful acts of gun violence. One of these shootings occurred on what should have been a joyous celebration for the AAPI community to celebrate Lunar New Year. Instead, the Monterey Park community faced an insurmountable task: to mourn, recover, and navigate a new normal. To our AAPI family, CLBSA stands in solidarity with you, and we are committed to demanding justice for your community and continuing our commitment to fight the hateful rhetoric that fuels these heinous acts.

To each and every person who has been impacted by gun violence, we stand with you, and for some of us on this board we stand among you. According to Everytown Research and Policy, the gun violence epidemic has touched more than half of all Americans. If you or a loved one has been impacted by these shootings or other instances of gun violence please reach out to us to be connected with more resources.

44 hours, 3 mass shootings, 19 lives lost, 17 more injured, countless families devastated. When is enough going to be enough?

*This statement was originally published on CLBSA social media accounts on January 27, 2023.

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